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With the festive cheer, mince pies and Michael Buble songs a distant memory, the only reminder we have of the festive season is the extra inches to our waistbands. It's easy to fall into the January slump with the dreary weather and extra long wait until payday so I've decided to have a quick look at the travel January sales to see what adventures I can get booked in for 2016. Unless my first holiday is a trip to Vegas and I win big, there's no chance I'll be able to fit all of these getaways in over the next twelve months, but with savvy saving and trusty Sky Scanner, I can see how far my pennies will stretch.

The Breathtaking Adventure - Canada

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Canada is somewhere that I would love to spend weeks exploring starting with the breathtaking views across the National Parks. Just to name a few; Banff National Park offers hiking, lakes, skiing and bears, Waterton Lakes National Park offers many scenic trails and landscapes and Jasper National Park is renowned for its wildlife and glaciers. As well as the beautiful scenic views Canada has to offer it would be silly not to explore Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto on your visit. Oh, and did I mention the stunning views in Ontario? Niagara Falls, you may have heard of it...

After our trip to Iceland and being blown away by the stunning views (and the snow blizzards) it shot the Nordic countries to the top of our travel itinerary. This includes the three Scandinavian countries; Norway, Sweden and Denmark and the bordering Nordic country, Finland. Scandinavian Rail is a useful tool to plan your adventure with popular train and scenic rail routes and information available.  You can get an Interrail Global Pass (if you are from the EU, Eurail from outside the EU) to travel for 15 days within a month for just £278. With affordable accommodation available at Airbnb and, the only things left to do is conquer my fear of heights for the visit to Trolltunga. 

If you follow me on Pinterest you'll know I have a couple of travel themed boards but the one dedicated to New York City has been pulling at my heart strings for a while. Of course I want to do all of the touristy things when I finally make it to New York, but more than anything I just want to be there soaking up everything I always imagined it to be. I want to live like a New Yorker and cycle around Central Park, eat and drink at the hidden gems and speakeasy themed bars and just wander around the big city. I have saved up about a third of the money needed for the flights and hotel and with some sacrifices to eating out and treating myself, 2016 might be the year we finally meet.

There we have it, my top three big choices for 2016. Ideally, I would want to travel the globe one country at a time but realistically I have to work to be able to do that. Checking off one adventure at a time gives me something to work towards. I'm thinking of doing a post, in coming weeks, on smaller weekend breaks which are more affordable, is that something you would want to read? 

Until then, let me know where your dream destinations are so that I can add more to my ever-growing list.
Em x

Reminiscing about our favourite moments of the year is a lovely way to remind ourselves of how lucky we really are. Everyone says that life is a rollercoaster and I've been unbelievably lucky throughout 2015.  Looking back over the past twelve months it's been an uphill ride and every memory and experience has been positive in one way or another.