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Princess Hair with Koko Couture.

I'm a typical girl when it comes to my hair. Always wanting it longer, shorter, thicker, lighter or darker depending on the celeb style I'm currently stalking (I'm not sure how many sets of extensions it's going to take until I turn into Adriana Lima, but I will persevere). 

As a regular wearer and fan of hair extensions, I was delighted when Manchester Fashion Industry offered me the opportunity to attend Koko Couture's exclusive launch of their new hair collection at Tea 4/2 in Manchester. Koko Couture are a hair, fashion and accessories brand based in Manchester and last nights beautiful event was to showcase their new pieces and collections to a number of blogger babes. 

When we arrived we were greeted by canap├ęs, cocktails and the lovely Wency at Koko Couture who explained that we were all going to try out the new hair collection. We each got to meet with the hair colour expert and stylists so that we had a perfect match and blend with our natural hair. With my hair being jet black it was super easy to match my hair to hair extensions or a half wig, something which I've never even thought about trying, so with Wency's advice I took the plunge and opted for the half wig. 

Within five minutes my whole look had been transformed. My natural hair is quite thin and short so to look into the mirror and see a head of thick and luscious princess curls in under five minutes was really impressive. With only two clips to hold the half wig to your natural hair it's less harsh on your scalp and roots than normal extensions and it blends just as easily (if not better). The hair stylist was on hand to show you different styles and tips, but as my half wig blended so easily I was more than happy with the first result so stuck with it.

After a few delicious cakes, macarons and lots of chattering with other manchester bloggers, the evening drew to a close. Koko Couture were kind enough to let us all keep our new pieces from the hair collection and then were generous enough to gift us with a beautiful clutch bag from the collection. I would wholeheartedly recommend the half wig from Koko Couture to anyone who is looking to transform their look and the other girls extensions look equally as natural if a half wig isn't for you.

With fashion, accessories and a new hair collection to look out for there's something at Koko Couture for everyone. If you want to keep up to date with all of the events in the fashion industry in Manchester then make sure you check out Manchester Fashion Industry which is where I usually find out what's going on. 

Until next time, 

Em x


  1. This is a lovely blog! Thank you sooo much for writing this. We are so happy you enjoyed the night and liked our range of products!

    1. Thanks for having me, it was so lovely to meet you all.