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You might have seen my previous £10 challenges about how you can stretch your cash in creative ways to get more for your money. This month, my £10 challenge is going to be a little different from the last two.

I have challenged myself to lose 10 pounds in weight over the 5 weeks of January. I’m not challenging fellow bloggers and readers to do the same this month, because not everybody has an extra 10 pounds to lose. Over December I piled on the pounds and I'm determined to get fitter and shed the extra weight. If I steadily lose weight over January, I would need to lose 2-3lbs a week and make sure that I'm still getting the right nutrition to make sure I stay healthy during this process. 

My goal is to cut out all processed foods and cook all of my meals from scratch. I've been swapping sugary snacks for fruit and vegetables and starting back at the gym 2-3 times a week. I know celebrities have more free time to spend at the gym and money to spend on the ‘right’ food but some of the celebrity transformations of 2014 have been incredibly motivating. I know that if they can do it, I can. 

Vicky Pattison
Lost 3 stone and dropped 5 dress sizes.

Charlotte Crosby 
Lost 2st 7lbs in 6 months. 

Lost 6 stone in one year.
Lost 3 stone in 6 months.
I'm hoping that with this post anybody else who has a 2015 goal can stay motivated and we can all support each other to get where we want to be. I know that the 'new year, new me' is a cliché and you don't need to wait until January to have a fresh start, but it seems the right time with a clean slate and Christmas to blame for the extra pounds.

If any of you have any fitness or detox tips to share, which could help me with my ten pound goal then please share them in the comments below. Any support or advice would be much appreciated. 

Wish me luck,
Em x

If you haven't heard of Weekday before, you aren't alone. Until yesterday, I was only familiar with Weekday's younger sibling, Cheap Monday. Founded in 2002, Weekday was born from Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg's first concept - Weekend. Weekend was an independent store, only open on Saturday's and Sunday's which stocked a good selection of vintage garments and denim. Despite the remote location of Weekend, it still attracted young and trendy Stockholmers, leading to the birth of a bigger, central store; Weekday. Weekday is a jeans-focused fashion destination, offering contemporary designs at great prices, for men and women.

I stumbled upon Weekday because I was looking for some wide legged cropped trousers on ASOS. I ordered them and when they arrived fell in love immediately. The were soft, tailored, fit wonderfully and were super comfy - I was sold. It was only when I was ripping the tags off I noticed that they weren't from ASOS they were from a collection called MTWTFSS Weekday. Whilst investigating this I came across the Weekday website and suddenly became a believer in love at first sight! 

Within five minutes I had chosen two coats, four tops, two jumpers and another pairs of pants which were all waiting for me in my cart. Even with the great prices and £6 delivery to the UK it was hard to justify such a splurge so soon after Christmas. So, I have stored them here so that I can buy them over the next few paydays and share this (not so) hidden treasure with you guys.


                                                 DRAPY COAT

                                            GREY COAT

                                  PC BEA WOVEN TEE

                                          ORIGINAL TEE
                                           BODY TOP 

                                  PETRA STRIPE BLOUSE 

                           FORMIGA SOLID SWEATER 

                                HATCH KNIT SWEATER 

                             SNOOZE PRINTED TROUSERS

The coats are both timeless and if looked after carefully will last you a life time. The printed, statement trousers are an effortlessly cool way to wear print during the daytime. The t-shirts all look amazing quality and are good for layering pieces that can take you from day to night.

There are no stores in the UK but with £6 shipping costs, that's cheaper than the transport fare to the high-street anyway - so no excuses! Take a look at the website and I promise there's something that you'll fall in love with too.

Thanks for reading,

Em x