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Looking for some September Sun? Looking into your 2015 summer holidays? Here's my recommendations to beat the holiday blues with a Greek Getaway. 

To celebrate our two year anniversary we revisited a place close to my heart, Rhodes in Greece. This was the first place I went on a family holiday abroad and I could not wait to share all my special memories. We booked the holiday via Holiday Hypermarket which I would definitely recommend, the prices are really competitive and Jan, the sales assistant on the phone was lovely and went the extra mile to help cater for all of our needs. Holiday Hypermarket represents First Choice but also offers holidays provided by Thompson and Thomas Cook - a savvy online way to save on those summer breaks. 


The hotel we stayed in was Moscha Apartments in the resort of Faliraki, Rhodes. We initially chose the hotel because of the price but after reading the reviews on Trip Advisor, we knew it was destined to be a good spot. The location of the apartments is perfect for a couple's getaway - literally a 2 minute walk to the closest beach. The beach next to the apartments is quite rocky but never busy so you get a lot of space, privacy and peace on this beach. There is a beach on the other side of the harbour which is Faliraki's golden sands and famous blue flag beach. You can walk out in the water for over 100 metres and the warm sea water is still only up to your waist. Adjacent to the golden sandy beach is the heart of Faliraki where you will find the clubs, restaurants, shops and bars. These are centred around two main streets 'Club Street' and 'Bar Street' - which are named the wrong way around. The transfer from the airport only takes 20 minutes which was a relief after 4 uncomfortable hours on a Germania plane from Manchester.


Moscha Apartments are owned and ran by Stamos and his wonderful family. From the second of your arrival until they are waving you off on your transfer - Stamos makes you feel welcome and like part of his family. There are approximately 35 rooms in Moscha Apartments so it is a relatively small hotel and the pool area is big enough to accommodate those rooms. During our one week stay most of the guests sunbathed at the beach so we had the pool to ourselves the majority of the time. We were in a ground floor room behind the bar which you would expect to be noisy but it was very peaceful and we were able to reach the wifi which was in the bar area. When you enter the apartments you enter through the snack bar which serves drinks all day and night, light snacks and english breakfasts. A full english is €6 and then butties/rolls/cobs/barms are between €3 and €4. The apartment studios are very basic but that is all you need when you are spending most of your time travelling the island. Most of the guests that we met at Moscha were repeat guests and all greeted Stamos like old friends. It was easy to tell why as after our stay we exchanged contact details with Stamos and we will definitely return in the future.


Water Park

The Water Park in Faliraki is one of the biggest in Europe. With the baking heat it is the perfect way to spend your afternoon cooling down and having a laugh. The price of an adult ticket is €22. We chose to travel with Olympic in an air conditioned coach picking us up and dropping us off which cost €37. In hindsight, I would probably make my own travel arrangements as the coach was late, took around 30 minutes with all of the pick ups and then we realised it was only 5 minutes down the road and we could have had more flexibility with the time we arrived and left.
The rides are suitable for all ages with a designated kids area, dinghy rides, high slides, joint rides and a bouncy trampoline ball. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights so I wasn't able to tackle some of the scarier rides. I also lost my dinghy before I went down a dinghy ride which I took that as a sign not to launch myself down that one. Alex had an absolute ball running around like a kid and I'm sure anyone up for a laugh would have a brilliant time.



Mini Golf

The mini golf we chose to go to was on Club Street, it was joined to one of the bars and also had the unique element of 'pit pat'. Pit Pat is a pool version of mini golf with obstacles that you need to pot the ball past. The price for pit pat was €4 and mini golf is €9. If you pay for both at once the price is €11. There were no other couples playing pit pat so to get through all 18 holes it took us around 15 minutes. There were quite a lot of couples playing mini golf as it was early evening so it takes a while between each hole but there are plenty of benches to sit on and enjoy your 'happy hour' drinks from the bar.

CULTURAL VALUE 1/5 - If the drinking culture you are amongst counts?

Rhodes Old Town

If you are interested in soaking up some of the sun whilst immersing yourself in Grecian culture then you should take a trip to Rhodes Old Town. Rhodes Old Town is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. When you approach the ruins you will notice that no cars or traffic are allowed within the walls so you will need to be dropped off at one of the entrances (we entered through Eleftheria) and make your way into the maze. It is inevitable that you will get lost in the hundreds of unnamed streets enclosed within the walls as you are browsing for treasures at the stalls. You can expect to find  antiques, linens, fine jewellery, leathers, furs as well as stereotypical holiday souvenirs. We got lost amongst the cobbled lanes and had to ask an artist painting portraits for help finding our way back to the harbour, but that just added to the adventure.


VALUE FOR MONEY 3/5 - Depends on the deals you haggle for!

Manoli's Taverna 

Rated number one on Trip Advisor, Manoli's deserves every good rating it gets. The service is impeccable and the food is like nothing else we tried on the island, and that's a good thing. We sampled the mixed grill one night and the steak another and both were succulent and cooked to perfection. There is often a queue to get in during peak hours (7pm-9pm) but it is definitely worth the wait. When we go to stay with Stamos again, I would happily eat at Manoli's every night.




Overall, I wasn't very impressed with the food on the Island. The Olympic rep recommended a few places to us but it was glaringly obvious she had not explored the island and only read the brochure. 

Desert Rose was our first unfortunate evening meal. This rose has been in the desert too long and completely dried up - the food was less than impressive and the serving staff completely overlooked us despite the restaurant being empty - a very generous 1/5.

Another restaurant we sampled was Acropol. The food was significantly better than Desert Rose but the place was overcrowded - not with people, with cockroaches scurrying about everyones sandals as you are trying to enjoy your meal. The appearance of the cocktails managed to claw back a couple of points with flares sparkling away but it still was not enough to shake off the pests - a shame to say 3/5

One evening we went for a lovely romantic meal on the beach at Maria's. When we arrived the waiter couldn't have made us feel like more of an inconvenience if he tried - he huffed and puffed and then sat us at a table beside the kitchen. The food was greasy, very greasy, a greasy salmon and vegetables. I'm pretty sure that my view of the place was already decided after the arrival so if you want to give this place a go, let me know how you find it - a greasy 0/5.

If you are looking for any Winter Sun then Stamos and Moscha Apartments are open until the end of October. If you are planning to travel between November and April and have any recommendations of your own, please let me know by replying to this post or contacting me via my Google+ Account.
I look forward to hearing from you - Em x