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So, with Barcelona as my third favourite city, it was a tough one between first and second place, after much deliberation I have decided...

2. Paris, France.

Two weeks ago I was whisked away to Paris to celebrate my anniversary (big points for that one!) and I can't begin to describe how it lived up to the huge expectations I had for it. 

It was such a jam packed 3 days where we managed to fit in a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Sacré-Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, Padlock Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées and of course Disneyland, amongst visits to some wonderful restaurants and bars.

Paris is everything literature and films portray it to be, there are musicians hopping on and off the metro playing beautiful melodies from their accordions, books for as little as 25c being sold alongside the Seine, couples lay on the grass reading together and, wait for it, women walking around with baguettes in their arms - although I must admit I saw very few berets, except on tourists. 

I had always dreamed of going to Paris, eating freshly baked croissants for breakfast, locking a padlock onto lovers bridge and throwing away the key and overlooking the whole of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Whilst I never made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower (queues plus a thunderstorm) ... I managed to achieve everything I had always hoped to do. Our hotel was above a bakery and I ate fresh baked croissants in bed, we were 3 minutes from a metro stop so could explore everywhere plus we were fortunate enough to have gloriously hot weather in September. 

I won't bore you with every detail because there's no way to capture the atmosphere, ambience and beauty of Paris with just words, no matter how hard I might try. I'd definitely recommend a trip to Paris to anyone, not just couples - but anyone who is willing to explore. Not just the popular tourist areas but also the many hidden gems.

Have you been to Paris or are planning on going? Let me know what you think or thought!

Em x

(All photos are taken on an iPhone5)

This is a hard one, as a lover of city breaks and with an aspiration to travel to an A-Z of cities or all the cities of Europe, narrowing it down to just three is going to be a hard one. Let's go...

3. Barcelona

Having spent three days in Barcelona over the summer, it is easily one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited - with endless sights to visit and beautiful areas to discover it's truly an adventure just walking around.

Day 1

We landed at 11am (CEST) at a very quiet Barcelona Airport. We hopped in the first taxi outside and drove a mere 15 minutes to the nearest beach and also to the apartment we had rented for the weekend via AirBNB. After we had unloaded our things I made it my mission to head to Barcelona Zoo. The Zoo was so bright and colourful compared to others I've been to, but the enclosures were quite small for some of the big cats, which overshadowed the visit to the Zoo (more so than the cuts forming in my heels from wearing Superga in the unbearable heat) so after a few hours we headed back to the apartment.

 That evening we went out for dinner and took a walk up La Rambla, it was full of life, with pretty lights creating a tunnel over La Rambla, but it was also on the borderline of tacky with all the cheap souvenirs being flogged to tourists. We made our way to the top of La Rambla and found Hard Rock Cafe so had a few drinks in there (including Pickled Tink my absolute favourite!). We got chatting to the bar man who had once worked in Manchester and he recommended a Foam Party which was held in the streets celebrating Gay Pride. By the time we finished off our drinks and got a taxi to the event, it was dying off but we managed to catch the last of the festivities, we eventually headed back to the apartment and called it a night.

Day 2

Today had been set aside for visiting two of the attractions we had marked down on our list - Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Sagrada Familia is breathtaking but with the hundreds of tourists it is definitely worth booking your tickets to go inside before you visit. Otherwise, you'll end up viewing it from the outside like we did ... or waiting 3+ hours of your precious time. It was quite difficult to find Park Güell from where we were and ended up paying 7euros in a taxi to get there - but it was worth it. Words can't describe how beautiful Park Güell was, every inch intricately decorated with each individual quirk and charm. Up the winding paths were musicians playing to the tourists and basking (or busking!) in the sunshine, my favourite was the one-man-band playing songs that my mum used to listen to when I was younger and Manchester classics - the atmosphere was magical, I could have stayed there until sunset. That evening we decided to sample the Barcelona nightlife to see how it compared to other European cities - and boy did it compare! We got lost on our way to the club and ended up in a quaint but warm little bar in a maze of streets which was playing retro Manchester City Football matches whilst the friendly and chatty bar staff told us about the nightlife. We spent a good hour there before continuing our adventure. We arrived at Factory Club, (clearly from out of town as we got there at 12 and it was still early doors). For a staggering 10 EUROS you could buy one Malibu and Coke, we bought one each and then proceeded to the dance floor. It was 4am before we knew it and time for us to head back to the apartment - whilst the party goers bustled on until 8am...

Mesh Leotard - Miss Selfridge (Old)
Floral Shorts - ASOS (Old)

Day 3

On the third day we had planned to go to a one day festival halfway up Montjuïc called Piknic Electronik. Piknic Electronik is a weekly festival, every Sunday throughout Summer playing host to a variety of Electro and Techno DJ's. We were lucky enough to see Catz and Dogs, Nick Monaco and Claude VonStroke, whilst enjoying the other family-friendly entertainment the festival had to offer. As the sun slowly began to set set we danced away, the beats rippled through the crowd like sound waves, leaving us both to forget that in less than 12 hours we would be flying back to Manchester... 

I would definitely recommend a city break to Barcelona to get away from the grey weather of Manchester at the moment, here's a few last minute deals to sink your teeth into! I'll update my second and top European cities over the next couple of days!


Em x

(Photos are taken on an iPhone5 and 4S)

                                                    Stardust Print Kimono - ASOS
                                                   High Neck Mini Dress - Miss Guided

Now time for a quick Monday afternoon update over how I spent my weekend!

After the busiest work week since season started including an audit, kit launch, floor move and derby day I was well up for a catch up with my friends and to see one of house music's true pioneers, House Gangster, DJ Sneak. As a WHP and festival enthusiast, DJ Sneak was high up on my must-see DJ's list. When I saw he was playing a 3 hour set for Covert Events at South (Manchester) for just £13, I rallied up my friends and bought the tickets. 

These types of events are never made for heels and fancy glittery dresses (yes!!) so I was happy to throw on a plain black dress and AMAZING kimono paired with my trusty flat boots. We all met up beforehand and then headed to South for midnight. The courtyard was functioning as a second room with decks set up in the corner and the outdoor bar bustling as people were bobbing away. The line-up in the courtyard consisted of:

James Glover (Loft, Muchiq Records)
Damien Maskell (Rouge Recordings)
Omar Guedar (Mvson Events)

I wasn't familiar with any of the above but they were good nonetheless. Inside the club was less busy but still had an amazing atmosphere. We caught the end of one of the supporting residents who set the mood for the night when he dropped Gaiser - Trashbend Here The residents were Just Jorge, DJ Murr and Jaxx but I regret not knowing in which order. 

Not long after the Covert residents Sneak came on, and 3 hours felt like 45 minutes because we were enjoying ourselves that much. I can't remember many of the songs but the Hot Since 82 Remix of Green Velvet's - Bigger Than Prince was a popular choice throughout the night Recently Number 1 on Beatport

I would definitely recommend Sneak to anyone looking for a top night out and doesn't fancy listening to the recently commercialised 'deep house'. If you do fancy seeing him, he's just been announced to play WHP this season on Saturday 7th December at The Kaluki 7th Birthday Party. You can still buy tickets here or read information about the event on Facebook here

Hopefully see you there,

Em x

(All photos are taken on an iPhone5)

With the recent derby day win (City 4-1!) I was reminiscing on the perks of my current job at Manchester City Football Club. City Live is a new and exciting concept - a pre-season party which allowed the Blues to showcase their new signings and new manager - Pellegrini, Navas, Negredo, Jovetić and Fernandinho directly to the fans! Working at the flagship store in the city centre we had to sell a target amount of tickets to win a pair of VIP tickets for the event at Manchester Central - and guess who won? Me!

Working the day of the event meant it was going to be a rush to get home and get ready, but how to dress? We decided we were going to dress smart casual - just like the fans do. What a mistake that was... we rolled up at the VIP area with our sky blue wristbands and jeans to be greeted with champagne and men in suits (it was unreal!) This was by far the fanciest event I'd ever been to... I felt like an intruder. After nabbing a free glass of wine and a Heineken for my accomplice/boyfriend we went for a nosey around the luxurious set up. After we had been chatting on the comfy sofa's, amongst the hors d'oeuvres for around ten minutes we spotted the first team slowly filtering into the room with City's press photographer taking a few snaps. This sent my twitter into meltdown! What do I do? Do I remain composed? Do I run over and ask Kompany for a photo? Do I try and find the beautiful new signings? No - I tweeted asking my followers what to do!

Eventually, I plucked up the courage to walk over and tried to remain cool. The next 20 minutes is a blur - as are the photo's of my boyfriend and Aguero because I couldn't stop my hands shaking with excitement. I completely lost my cool. I do remember how lovely Hart was when I told him I missed him at the signing in store, he was pleasant and posed for a photo with me. After the excitement got the better of me, I returned to my original seat on the sofa and watched from a distance - when the players come in store I'm usually professional and composed so maybe I was having an 'off day' ;). Eventually they made their way into the main area for the show to begin.

We took our seats, not in the VIP area at the front but in much more modest seats with the fans where we felt at home. The show was a brilliant mix of comedy, bubbly football atmosphere and a (somewhat) intimate introduction to the new signings. After, a lot, more drinks and laughs the night came to an end. Despite feeling like an intruder in this VIP area I would definitely work this hard again to sell the tickets to hopefully sneak my way into such an amazing events again! City really showed how much their fans mean to them and hopefully this will be an example to other clubs. Well done City!! Genius idea. 

Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge Here

Flamingo Print Blouse - American Apparel Here

If you're a City fan and want to be involved in any of these exciting events, keep an eye out on the website


Em x

(All photos are taken on an iPhone4S)

I'm Emma, a 22 year old Film and Media graduate from Manchester. I probably should have started this during the excitement and as I was making my career choices at University, but better late than never!

Me (Left) at MAC Avenue Des Champs Élysées 
Flamingo Print Short Sleeve Boxy Blouse - American Apparel
Levi Jean Shorts - Vintage (Similar Here)
Black Cami - Topshop
Black Cut Out Boots - Topshop

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