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British Vogue's elite will be descending upon Manchester (Thursday 10th October) to share their beauty secrets, tips for upcoming trends, discussions of their favourite high-street pieces and the amazing opportunity to be styled by a Vogue Editor. Amongst all this will be a whole host of giveaways, goodie-bags, catwalk shows and some famous fashion faces.

With over 80 stores, bars and clubs participating there's an outrageous amount of events on. I've quickly compiled a list of my eight must-visits, because 4 hours just isn't enough to see them all!

                                            Photo added after the event (16/03/2014)

1. Barbour (@Barbour)

With my own battered but cherished Barbour Beaufort I wasn't planning on purchasing a new   Barbour, but with a tasty 20% off in store - I could be tempted. As well as the discount Barbour will be serving up some delicious, traditional cocktails to entice you in store (like the discount wasn't enough!)
My favourite element of Barbour's night out is the outfit competition via Twitter. Barbour are encouraging customers to snap a photo of themselves in their favourite item of clothing from the collection - tweet this photo to @Barbour with #BarbourFVNO for the chance to win the item of clothing!

Already got my eye on this one!

2. Boohoo Bus (@boohoo)

The double decker Boohoo bus is making its return to Market St and with more prizes than ever! The bus will showcase all the brands latest trends at the usual unbeatable prices. As a regular Boohoo shopper I 'm going to make the most of the exclusive next day delivery (until 10pm on the bus) and pick a new outfit for the weekend. The top deck of the bus will be dishing out free beauty treatments whilst listening to the onboard DJ, great way to unwind after racing about to all the stores. The competition highlight is again a Twitter one, where you need to hashtag your favourite style with #needthisinmylife for a chance to not only win the outfit, but an ENTIRE CHRISTMAS WARDROBE.
This year Santa has arrived early ... and he's wearing pink.

3. H&M (@HM)

With a Vogue Editor present, this is a definite high-street priority stop. If a party feel and atmosphere supplied by model and socialite Pixie Geldof (6pm-7:30pm) weren't enough then you can sink your manicures into exclusive discounts, giveaways, make-overs, styling advice and refreshments.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Burgundy Wool-Blend Coat for just £39.99

4. M.A.C in Selfridges (@MACcosmetics)

Expect to see all the beauty bloggers and M.A.C addicts clustered in Selfridges to see Senior Artist, Debbie Finnegan's (@MAC_Debbie_F) make-up demonstrations alongside another Vogue Editor. For those wanting to test out the products you can pre-book an express make-up appointment for £20, and then redeem that £20 on the M.A.C products you've just fell in love with. I've been looking for a good lipstick for ages so maybe tomorrow will be my lucky night!

Debbie Finnegan working her magic!

5. Russell & Bromley (RandBPRGirl)

Since timeless style icon and IT girl Alexa Chung stepped out in her Russell and Bromley loafers they've had a place in my heart (and wardrobe!). If snapping up a pair of these beauties wasn't enough to get you in store, you get a free gift with every purchase, cupcake treats and free autumn manicures!

6. Selfridges (@Selfridges)

If any of you work in Manchester city centre and see a crazy lady frantically looking for Selfridges hosts, that would be me! The hosts are giving out mystery gift cards loaded with £5 to £50 - while stocks last (which won't be long). You can claim your free hair braiding and temporary tattoo whilst listening to tunes by model and straight talking fashion icon Jameela Jamil. After you check out all of the goodies on offer be sure create your Selfridges Selfie by popping out of a giant Selfridges carrier bag. This one is definitely going to be at the heart of the Fashion Night Out. 

7. Topshop (@Topshop)

Undoubtedly the busiest shop on the high street, Topshop is going to be overloaded with fashion hungry students, bloggers, women of all ages hoping to get a glimpse of Kate Phelan sharing her top Topshop picks. If you spend over £50 you will be put in a prize draw where everyone wins, from beauty treats to £100 gift cards, you've got to be in it to win it. With plenty of beauty advice, giveaways and competitions you could bag all your autumn beauty treats in this one store. You can also buy the official VFNO t-shirt from Topshop all evening. 

Cara for Topshop Unique S/S14 <3

8. Harvey Nichols (@HarveyNichols)

Harvey Nichols are not only embracing VFNO but they are celebrating their 10th birthday party from 6pm-10pm. You can get your official VFNO T-Shirt customised here by 10 of Harvey Nichols most loved designers!! That means you will have a fabulous and original customised designer t-shirt .. How can you say no? There's an exclusive Q&A with Vogue Editor, Alexandra Schulman at 9pm, which is a must for any avid bloggers or aspiring magazine contributors. Paula Reed, Harvey Nichols Fashion Director will be present to answer any questions from aspiring designers and fashion students/bloggers. This is a rare opportunity and perfect way to end a fantastic evening.

There's plenty more of unbelievable events and giveaways that you can check out here. These are just the stores which I'm most excited for but there's plenty more which could be more suited to you! Now the only thing left is the matter of WHAT DO I WEAR!? It's too late to buy something new unless I scour around town before work or use speedy online delivery services so I best get looking ...

Can't wait to share stories from VFNO,
That's enough from me for now,

Em xx

With all the recent controversy surrounding The Warehouse Project, it seemed appropriate to discuss the changing atmosphere, shocking headlines, fond memories and increase in popularity of WHP from a Store Street enthusiast and loyal fan.

I first walked through the 'meat flaps/butchers curtains' and into the converted car park, back in October 2011. The line-up consisted of Boys Noize, Erol Alkan and a host of other DJ's which I'd probably never heard of - I was there for Boys Noize. I seemed so small and the venue seemed HUGE, consisting of the main room, room 2, the 'purple room' which was attached to the seating area and semi-circle of toilets ... I was overwhelmed.

It's hard to describe a night in detail, you chat to so many people, dance to very few familiar songs and spend the whole time introducing yourself and your friends to everyone around you - you vow to go to another warehouse with them and five minutes later you've both moved on. The atmosphere was so friendly, everyone seemed to be Scottish and wearing novelty white t-shirts and time flew by. All it took was that one night - I was hooked. Even now, when someone asks me about my favourite WHP night, without a seconds thought it's Eric Prydz/Pryda & Friends, just 3 weeks after Boys Noize. I remember our spot near the right pillar and the cold, cold bricks, I can hear the therapeutic sound of the ping pong balls in the purple room and remember the devastating moment when I misread 5am on a 'warehouse friends' watch as 3am, thinking I still had two hours left to dance about. My season concluded with Foals, which didn't really have the same vibe as the others I'd been to, but Store Street still worked as an incredible gig venue.

It was during this unforgettable season that the news spread about WHP moving to a bigger and better venue, Victoria Warehouse. This venue allowed enhanced sound systems, impressive light shows, an extra room, plus a whole host of new and better features - an evolution from the dingy, illegal rave feel of Store Street to a successful and official 'club' venue. I didn't know what to except but I snapped up tickets to the Axwell/Eric Prydz opening night on Easter Friday, eager to see the changes.

If I was overwhelmed entering Store Street the year before, was I in for a treat! A HUGE and impressive venue with three rooms which had the ability, tools and capacity to create a whole new 'rave culture'. The one way system was annoying and obviously needed tweaking before the real season began but it was fantastic. I exerted myself too early and ended up being taken home through Axwell's set but the night had left it's mark. Inside there was an excitement and anticipation only WHP could fill. I saved up money for weeks so that when the line-up was released I could sieve through and find the acts I was dying to see. I bought 3 tickets and then ended up buying 2 more last minute. Bugged Out was a highlight, even with the broken air con in room 2, everyone just walked around topless!

Having spent my last New Year at Sankeys, I figured what could be better than spending this one at WHP! I bought tickets for New Years Day hoping that the crowd would be full of people who were mad for warehouse ... but I was disappointed. It had attracted a bunch of vest wearing, arrogant, selfie taking cretins who didn't dance and wore, not only shades, but Kanye West glasses, inside the venue. The night was good but it was hard to relax and dance around people who were stood their trying to be 'cool'. It was a shame the season ended on such a low note but I wasn't going to abandon it that easily. I had Parklife to keep me going through the summers but nothing quite beats warehouse.

There was quite a hype surrounding WHP13 and I knew getting tickets wouldn't be as simple as the previous years. In fact, it felt like scrambling around in a sample sale with a gaggle of fashion hungry girls, fighting for the one you wanted. I bought 4 tickets - some of my friends didn't manage to get tickets to the ones we had planned to go to and I felt like I'd panic bought them. I couldn't help groaning when I saw people who'd previously mocked WHP banging on about their Paradise and Disclosure tickets. Not all of the fans, not at all - just a few irritants on Twitter.

I finally got to see for myself on the Axwell opening night, what this season would be like. Obviously this night made headlines because of the tragic death of Nick Bonnie. I've read very split views about this, you can't blame the organisers of WHP as it's a personal choice to take drugs but perhaps the venue should have been able to cater for any health issues better. I struggled to enjoy the night because of the unbearable heat, this was partly because most of the blatantly oversold capacity were stuffed into Room 1 because they wanted to see Axwell and NO_ID, I suppose this can't be helped but we could have at least been allowed to keep the first set of fire doors (not the one directly linked to outside) open. I missed most of Axwell (again) because I had to go to the toilet and physically couldn't get back in Room 1. Even if I had the strength, the crowd was full of beanie wearing, bum showing, side boob flashing, screw facing, extension and false eyelash fluttering, ignorant, selfie taking twits looking to swill you for walking by.

I don't know if it's because of the change in venue, the popularity of Parklife after its relocation to Heaton Park or the glamorisation of this music genre but I felt like warehouse had been infiltrated by people who weren't there for the music and to enjoy themselves, they were there for the photo opportunity and trouble. There's plenty of people who don't agree with this and think the venue is great and it's just getting better and better. There's another plenty who think it's going to get shut down because of the bad press and unfortunate timing of a bad batch of drugs combined with the opening weekend.

I've heard rumours that with the increased security it takes two hours to get in, people are getting turned away and they've got a fab new air-con system but I'm willing to judge all this myself later this month. I'm not going to abandon warehouse yet, even though if I did someone would just snap up my ticket and it would make no difference. But, I'd like to think it wasn't the ticket sales that matter but the people who loved warehouse for what it was. I have faith in Sacha that he can keep warehouse 'cool' and maybe even get back the vibe it used to have - or maybe it's too commercial for that now.

Either way, he's made something amazing and changed the whole culture of the rave... but I'm always going to have that place in my heart for the ping pong balls in the purple room and that semi circle of port-a-loos surrounded by thousands of people who lit up the room without the fancy light shows.

This is just my view and WHP is as successful as ever and providing loads of people with an unforgettable experience. But I hope this resonates with some of the WHP goers and reminds us not to give up and sell our golden tickets, yet.

Love Em x

With just 24 hours in the UK capital city it was a whirlwind rush to fit in as much as possible! With a trip to the Harrods (amazing), night out in Pacha (unbelievable) and a whole host of tourist attractions to see I popped on my comfiest boots and parka and set off into the big city!

Me outside the Excelsior Hotel | Kings Cross
Parka - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Vinage Levi's
T-Shirt - Norse Projects 
4 Chain Necklace - Topshop
Boots - Topshop

Friday 6pm - After a tiring four hour bus ride and two hour delay, we arrived at Victoria Coach Station, which is just a short five minute walk from the train station where the tube lines are attached. We bought an Oyster Card which is a top up system where you can travel single fares for cheaper than if you buy the tickets individually. This meant it was hassle free and we had the freedom to travel about without constantly being stuck in ticket queues. I would definitely recommend getting one of these for a weekend in London. We arrived at Kings Cross after a mere 10 minute tube ride (Victoria Line) and checked into the Excelsior Hotel, which was lovely with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

7pm - After unloading our things we took a trip to Harrods (Knightsbridge via Piccadilly line). Harrods is every little girls dream - gallons of perfume, hundreds of lipsticks, miles of fabric crafted into exquisite garments and a pet shop/spa (yes, really!) I ran up the Egyptian escalators to the 4th floor where the pet shop was located and rushed over to the little rooms where the puppies were. I'd hoped to have seen some tiger-print kittens but the puppies were adorable nonetheless. (Kittens are due in at the end of October!) After milling about in Harrods, I managed to encourage a trip to Topshop where I found the exact lipstick I'd been looking for ...  to discover it was sold out. 

8pm - After getting lost trying to find the other Topshop we ended up near Leicester Square which was bustling with people and full of life. There were casinos and theatres illuminating the pavements and people in tuxedos and gowns wandering around heading to some fancy event. After some Fish and Chips we decided to make our way back to the hotel to get changed for the evening. On the way to the hotel I saw platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station which sent me into a flurry of excitement. I raced over for a photo and even managed to get the Gryffindor scarf floating behind me for that 'authentic' feel. 

11pm - We were ready to head to Pacha to see Format:B and Dusty Kid. This was the reason we had decided to come to London. Format:B are my favourite DJ's and rarely play the UK, never mind Manchester, so how could I turn down this opportunity. 

The night was absolutely incredible. I was losing faith in these sort of events with my favourite venues in Manchester being infiltrated with scruffs and people who enjoy causing trouble. Pacha was worlds apart from this. Firstly, the event was not sold over capacity which was extremely pleasant. I had room to dance, chat and breathe. The crowd were friendly and fun, no girls with their bums and side boob barging into me because they feel like they have more of a right to be there. Just a group of people going mad, dancing about and loving every tune! Drinks weren't even that expensive at £5.90 for a Malibu and Coke. To top of this incredible night, I met Franz from Format:B after his set (yippee!) and he was the nicest guy ever. Even when the night came to an end I couldn't stop talking about how incredible it was and woke up the next morning saying the same thing ... truly an unforgettable night (for the right reasons).

Sat 11am - A bit of a late start, after the excitement of the night before but after a quick shower and checkout, we were back on the tube. There wasn't really a plan for today, but I'd always wanted to go to Camden so we hopped on the tube (Camden Town via Northern Line) & didn't know what to expect. CAMDEN IS AMAZING! Hundreds of little stalls and shops selling vintage clothes, jewellery, trinkets, posters, food and loads more - you could get lost just rummaging through the treasures.We could have easily spent the entire day here but with such a short amount of time we dragged ourselves away and carried on our adventure. 

1pm - Next came the big decision, London Zoo or the top tourist attractions. Having been to London when I was younger I'd already seen Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament so naturally, I pushed for the Zoo. After the 15 minute walk down the canal to the Zoo (with an ice cream) I'd changed my mind on the Zoo ... (uh oh). 

1.20pm - With the worlds most patient boyfriend in tow, we were heading back to Camden just 20 minutes after we had left ... to catch the tube. We head towards Buckingham Palace which was surprisingly quiet with far less tourists than I expected.  

3pm - We took a walk down Jubilee Walkway as Big Ben and the London Eye were visible on the other side of St James' Park. Big Ben was much smaller than I remembered, but then again, I was a lot smaller last time I saw it. We had pancakes near the London Eye which was very reminiscent of having pancakes by the Eiffel Tower and bridges in Paris. 

4pm - With just two and a half hours left before we had to leave London it was becoming a race against time to fit in the last few things. I was torn between heading to Bond St/Oxford St and hunting down this lipstick and racing to 221B Baker Street to see the Sherlock Holmes Museum (Cumberbatch as Sherlock Fan, unsurprisingly).  Filled with optimism and the desire to own this lipstick we decided to tackle both. After a miserable trip to Topshop (I'd forgotten the name of the lipstick and couldn't recognise the colour) we were truly against the clock to get to Sherlock's before it closed! We walked from Topshop which took about 20 minutes (definitely get the tube if you go) but we made it with ten minutes until close.  We raced around the museum (disappointing) and had a look in the gift shop but walked away empty handed.

6.30pm - With a heavy heart, sore throat and sense of loss after not finding my lipstick and not wanting to leave London, I boarded the Megabus back to Manchester. Without a doubt in my mind that I would be returning to London in the near future. 

Love Em xx

Barcelona and Paris just missed out on the top spot for my favourite city break so it's time to unveil my number one European Getaway. As the commercial capital of the Netherlands, hot spot for stag weekends and just an hour away on an 'airbus' it's got to be, Amsterdam.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam is seeped in history and culture with popular attractions including the museums, historic canals, Anne Frank's house as well as the infamous Red Light District and hundreds of coffee shops. Having been to Amsterdam a couple of times it's hard to do a breakdown of the trip like with Barcelona and Paris but what I will do is recommend five places to go if you do go.

Studio 80

I was fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam as the dominant and highly acclaimed music management label, We Are E, were celebrating their 4th birthday. The event was held at Studio 80, another reputable venue in Amsterdam so it was the perfect recipe for an amazing night. The line up consisted of Los Suruba, Taras Van  De Voorde, Kid Culture B2B Rene Engel and Pony. I'd only ever listened to Pony and was thrilled to see them play in their home city. The venue was filled with obliviously cool/ techno revellers who were all techno shuffling and bouncing about to every song Pony had to offer. People were still arriving at 2am and the club was still in full spirits and full of life at 4am when we were leaving. 

I would definitely recommend going to Studio 80 as long as the music that night is something you know you're going to like, otherwise it might taint a brilliant music venue. 

The Bulldog

One of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam provides a chilled out, relaxed and friendly vibe for you to sit and enjoy your break. My favourite and most unique thing about The Bulldog was the lampshades covered with Rizla rolling paper which people had personalised and stuck to the inside of the lampshade. This is a quirky and unique idea of a guestbook a lot of tourist attractions have and keeps in with the laidback, cool vibe. 

Red Light District

Whether you're going to Amsterdam for a stag-do or a city break it's worth checking out the infamous Red Light District. It might not take your fancy but it's worth seeing out of curiosity. When I went it felt surprisingly safe, well lit and busy with not just men, but couples and groups of tourists. I'd never recommend going on your own or flaunting any valuables as there's bound to be some shady people knocking around, but if you stick to the main strip and with a small group it's worth visiting. The paths are quite narrow and some parts were filled with water and ice when I was there in February so just keep your wits about you. Be prepared to have a vast selection of women banging on the windows and trying to entice you (and your partner) into their little rooms but if you're polite enough when you decline it's all in good spirits. 


For just €4 euros you can pop into the three-storey sex museum which is a good opportunity for some funny holiday snaps. With life size penises, erotic cakes and an array of erotic photos it's worth the four euros even if it's just for a giggle. 

Dam Square 

In the heart of Amsterdam and a five minute walk from Amsterdam Central is Dam Square. In the summer this area is flooded with tourists and performers, such as fire throwers and human statues. In the winter it is like crossroads with people heading through to go between the different areas. On one side is the Red Light District, the other is towards Amsterdam Central, the other towards the flower markets, restaurants and clubs (Rembrandtplein). On the border of Dam Square is Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Royal Palace, Gothic New Church, department store De Bijenkorf and the national monument. As well as excellent transport links to the other areas there's plenty to do in and around Dam Square and it should be a stop off on your visit!

Hotel Recommendation - BEST hotel I've ever stayed in: Inntel Hotel

Other Attractions - In the times I've been to Amsterdam I've yet to see the zoo, the cat sanctuary on a boat and the hundreds of clubs, bars and coffee shops Amsterdam has to offer. Is there any you can recommend?? 

The next European city on my list is Berlin. Has anyone been? Have you got 5 recommendations to share? 

Let me know,
Em x

So, with Barcelona as my third favourite city, it was a tough one between first and second place, after much deliberation I have decided...

2. Paris, France.

Two weeks ago I was whisked away to Paris to celebrate my anniversary (big points for that one!) and I can't begin to describe how it lived up to the huge expectations I had for it. 

It was such a jam packed 3 days where we managed to fit in a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Sacré-Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, Padlock Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées and of course Disneyland, amongst visits to some wonderful restaurants and bars.

Paris is everything literature and films portray it to be, there are musicians hopping on and off the metro playing beautiful melodies from their accordions, books for as little as 25c being sold alongside the Seine, couples lay on the grass reading together and, wait for it, women walking around with baguettes in their arms - although I must admit I saw very few berets, except on tourists. 

I had always dreamed of going to Paris, eating freshly baked croissants for breakfast, locking a padlock onto lovers bridge and throwing away the key and overlooking the whole of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Whilst I never made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower (queues plus a thunderstorm) ... I managed to achieve everything I had always hoped to do. Our hotel was above a bakery and I ate fresh baked croissants in bed, we were 3 minutes from a metro stop so could explore everywhere plus we were fortunate enough to have gloriously hot weather in September. 

I won't bore you with every detail because there's no way to capture the atmosphere, ambience and beauty of Paris with just words, no matter how hard I might try. I'd definitely recommend a trip to Paris to anyone, not just couples - but anyone who is willing to explore. Not just the popular tourist areas but also the many hidden gems.

Have you been to Paris or are planning on going? Let me know what you think or thought!

Em x

(All photos are taken on an iPhone5)